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Devlog! This is cool, now I can keep track of all the nonsense I'm putting in this game and which version has which! Neat.


The minimap no longer shows special blocks. This is a symptom of the slight system rework I'm doing for the minimap showing special blocks that should come out next update


-hitpause no longer sometimes glitches out pauses

-discoverables now only spawn in either a dead end or an outer region of the level (in the case there are no dead ends in the level not already taken by portals)

-bosses have been implemented, they are in key rooms and have some proc gen variety in attacks, but none in movement

-items now have hidden buffs that reveal upon activation (shops will eventually reveal them as well)

-shops are used to reveal hidden levels instead of discoverables

-buffs indicate whether they're active or not

-healthpacks no longer sometimes despawn early

-enemy health is scaled to be balanced for higher number of active buffs

-items no longer make self satisfying conditional buffs

-minimap now works properly and shows special things on it


mac.7z 21 MB
Aug 11, 2017
BBB0.2.2.7z 10 MB
Aug 11, 2017

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