I am late yet again, even though I set an alarm! At least it's still not really going to be noticed by anyone except creepy peeps checking in on this even though I haven't done any PR for it yet.

In any case, I've got two weeks to cover. First, I implemented a new system that hides parts of the level from the player and can be revealed by hugging the wall for a second. Second, I worked on implementing an NPC system, but that isn't in generation yet and is currently only accessible through debug commands. It will be implemented once I've created the specific kinds of NPCs I want as a baseline which should be fairly quick with the baseline work that I've done. 

Besides these main features, I've fixed the inventory to allow for dynamic increase in size to accommodate more items and did some performance improvements. I also implemented some more characters my concept artist sent me, as well as some bullet sprites. These are all still very much works in progress, as we continue to refine the look and feel of the game.

Next up, obviously I want to implement the NPCs into the world. Then, I want to add some secondary abilities for the right click for items to give alongside primary attacks. Then at that point I think the design prototype will be basically complete! From there I'll focus on implementing greater variety in all the systems, primarily the bullet types, bullet effects, attack types, and secondary ability types. 


BBB0.3.1.7z 32 MB
Nov 17, 2017

Get Bert is Bald

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