Devlog updates will now occur every Thursday instead of every Wednesday. Sorry for missing last week, but it was part of the reason the logs will be posted on Thursdays now.

These past two weeks I have been working on the latest update, which was uploaded on Tuesday. This update included all the work mentioned in previous devlogs to the overall combat and enemy generation, as well as updates to level generation and to boss generation.

Level generation was altered to have more defined paths, and as such more defining dead ends in each level. This also means I've included more item drops to fill in these dead ends to reward exploration, though these items will not be as powerful as items found in item rooms. Speaking of item rooms, item rooms are now like regular levels, but the rewards found in them are much stronger than regular level items. Save rooms have been removed and now in their place save points are placed in levels with more than two links on them for convenience. 

Boss generation has been altered to focus on mixing multiple attack patterns together in different ways and coming from different sources to generate more unique bullet hells. Like all other generated things, it will still lack a bit in variety since the game is still in the prototyping phase.

Bombs have been added! Bombs clear bullets and deal damage in a large area around the player, costing half a green bar, found below the health bar. The bar recharges when the player does damage to an enemy. 

I'm pretty satisfied with how the game looks right now, and the only thing missing right now is the crafting system to sink all the rewards the player gets into for the prototype to be finished, then after that I can start adding in the variety to the generation and polish on everything. The next update should be the crafting system, then all updates after will focus on polish and variety.


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Oct 30, 2017

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