Better mixing of mobclear + bullet hell

Woops, I forgot to post this morning, but I suppose better only half a day late than a month late, so I think I'm making progress!

In any case, this week I have continued working on improving the level to level gameplay. Specifically, I changed how the game handles progression overall to be closer to the ARPGs it draws inspiration from: save points are now in important locations on regular maps (like waypoints) and enemy spawns are now more like mob spawns from ARPGs rather than just randomly spread across the map. Levels now always have bullet shooting enemies alongside low tier dumb melee enemies to better mix the twin stick shooter bullet dodging mechanics with the ARPG mob clearing mechanics. 

Ben, the concept artist, has also done some great work on character designs. Each and every design makes me smile. I also spent some of this week putting in his poses as one frame "animations" to test game feel and animation logic.  

Next week I will be working on making a better bullet hell generation system to make more interesting bosses, more variety in regular enemy bullet patterns and potentially an easy method for implementing things in between like minibosses or other such encounters. 

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